Architectural Control Committee
What is the ACC?
The Architectural Control Committee is a three member board who volunteer their time to review all improvements of any kind to lots within West Cave Estates.  All members of the ACC are lot owners and fellow neighbors of West Cave Estates.  The ACC is authorized by Article V of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for West Cave Estates.  

The ACC's primary duty is to excercise "its best judgment to see that the exterior design and location of all improvements, landscaping and alterations on Lots within West Cave conform to and harmonize with the surrounding improvements, environment, topography and finished grade."  This "best judgment extends to all improvements proposed by lot owners including new home construction, fences, wells, swimming pools, patios, and driveways, etc".   Please reference the Covenants, Article V for a complete listing of items requiring ACC approval.

The ACC has the authority to grant variances if the ACC finds "the requested variance to be desirable from the standpoint of balancing the needs of the applicant with the needs of the other Lot Owners."
Lot Owners must file an ACC request through the ACC prior to the start of any improvements.  The ACC has 30 days to respond to your initial request and will send you a letter stating if your request has been approved or denied or if the ACC needs additional information.  The inclusion of a plat map in your request is critical for the ACC to review your request.  

Download the appropriate ACC request form to begin your request.
  ACC Members
Martin Arhelger, ACC Chairperson
Brian Stackhouse, ACC Member
Clint Gonzales, ACC Member

Form Submissions
PLEASE SUBMIT COMPLETED REQUEST (by email) TO:  Kayla Aaron, Email:

Mailing Address for ACC Correspondence
West Cave Estates Homeowners’ Association, Inc. c/o Goodwin Management, Inc.
11149 Research Blvd., Suite 100
Austin, Texas 78759-5227

Phone: 512-852-7918
Cell: 512-739-4483
Fax: 512-346-4873

Email: Kayla Aaron -


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